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Online Marketing Is Using Social Bookmarking to Its Advantage
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Name the first concept that you think of if someone asks you about getting visitors to your website. The major search engines? PPC (Pay Per Click)? Banner Ads? You have plenty of options for creating traffic to your site, implemented correctly they will work well. And yet, there is a con to useful marketing plans like Banner advertising and PPC promotions in that they want significant amounts of money upfront. The fact is you need to have some startup cash and not be afraid of risks if you want to start advertising this way. But for those of you who do not have the spare resources to put in, you might want to consider opting in to the at no charge advertising opportunities. One method is to submit your site to any number of social bookmarking websites. You may think these sites are only meant to bookmark pages. Well yes, however they can also bring in plenty of traffic to your website due to how targeted they are. Not only will you get traffic from visitors of the social bookmarking site, but you will increase your search engine rankings. In this piece, we examine the many advantages that social bookmarking offers, and we further attempt to comprehend the fundamentals underlying this one of a king marketing means.

As already stated search engines love fresh new content. Sites that are updated on a regular basis and offer quality content are often considered authority sites by the search engines. One of the benefits of social bookmarking sites is that they hold a place of value with the search engines. A great way to get your site indexed by search engines is to submit it to popular social bookmarking sites such as digg, kaboodle, delicious etc. In less than a day you could get your site or sites indexed by all the main search engines thanks to submitting links to them on bookmarking sites. This is not the only way to get your sites noticed by search engines but is easily the quickest. Managing to get your site indexed can be one of the most difficult things encountered by internet marketers, using this method can make it a whole lot easier.

The biggest plus to using social bookmarking is the high amount of good backlinks you get from it. Earning a page rank of three or four is pretty simple as your profile or personal page found on a social bookmarking site gains recognition. In such a way, this page will be checked out by the search engine majors more frequently, indexing the updated information that you publish, and also crawling through your links that you put up on this page. Of course, the links would then lead to your site. Backlinks from high page ranks can cost lots of money; using social bookmarking sites gives you them for free. All you need to do is get it right and try to get a high ranking for your pages.

Everything said and done, for those of you interested in growing your Internet business and moving it up to the next plane, you must begin employing social bookmarking. Using social bookmarking alone is not the only way to go, just because it has serious benefits does not mean you should ignore other methods. If you use social bookmarking in conjunction with other techniques, you will seriously increase the traffic finding its way to your site in no time.


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